Charity? Here is why.

Imagine a world where you are scrutinized and prosecuted based on your sexual and gender preferences. A system that tortures and executes anyone who’d dare to act on their true feelings.
No, this is not some dystopian horror story. This is happening right now, in many different countries and most notably, Iran. Ever since the Iranian Revolution in 1979, sexual and gender minorities had to live in fear. And those who get caught by the system continue to suffer greatly. But there is hope.
Numerous LGBTQ+ rights organizations came into existence to address these issues. And with a permanent presence at the United Nations, OutRight Action International fights globally for the human rights of LGBTIQ people.

That’s awesome! But what does all this have to do with my book?

It is this conflict, among many other things, that inspired me to write this story. And as you read, you will discover that my characters have to go through similar struggles. But it doesn’t end there. With every sold book, I will donate to OutRight Action International. It’s the least I could do.
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